Unit 3 assessment

LO1 – Present evidence of a body of work that demonstrates a systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding. (AC Realisation)

My research paper focuses on the impact of illness on art making and the aesthetics of medical core as such. My work includes the relationship between childhood trauma and the body.

My work is inspired by a sudden image that comes to me, and then I start with the form and work on the imagery, while collecting and collating more research content.

My unit 1 assessment refers to the changing history of the concept of the ‘child’ and the desire to undertake a long-term project and a personal metaphorical system.

My unit 2 paper explored the impact of illness on art creating and referred to the relationship between the ‘child’ imagery and illness and trauma.

୨୧ I have my own fashion brand beside the course and the clothing is related to medical core. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/my-own-fashion-brand/

After the first two units, I tried to build up more technical and material experimentation for my final work and decided to make a painting that combined multiple materials.

୨୧ Thoughts, research bout final work https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/thoughts-researches-about-final-work/

LO2 – Synthesise and critically reflect coherently on your process whilst providing evidence of an active, independent and/or collaborative practice. (AC Process)

For this project I started with an imagery I wanted to achieve (a presence that connects up and down) and then thought about how to ground it, physically, as well as theoretically.
I was inspired by the work for Christmas in the church and wanted to combine this with my own feelings about this festival. Research about Christmas: https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/christmas/

Some of my material experiments before I had decided on a specific form:

୨୧ Painting https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/painting/

୨୧ Photography https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/photography/

୨୧ Lumen print https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/enamel-lumen-print/

୨୧ Escape line https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/indentation-contour-shape/

୨୧ Bacterial dyes https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/bacterial-dyes/

My aim is to build a more sustainable practice for the future, a continuous series of narratives, a holistic personal system of metaphors.

LO3 – Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development. (AC Communication)

I am currently behind schedule due to family commitments and visa issues. The current form is a painting-main installation, which is scheduled to be uploaded on blog around 6.6 and completed by 6.21.

୨୧ final work in progress https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/final-work-in-progress/

୨୧ final work in progress https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/final-work-in-progress-2/

୨୧ final work https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/final-work/

During the research in practice I have been able to make changes to my research paper, understand the current shortcomings and discover new questions about my arguments. 5 minutes of video production has enabled me to reorganise my work and I will develop it through communication and reflection.

In the future I will continue with my fashion brand and also hope to have a more stable schedule for my art practice.