Unit 2 Assessment

LO1 – Develop and realise a self-directed programme of learning which draws from wide-ranging subject knowledge. (AC Knowledge, AC Process)

୨୧  I updated my study statement and have a clearer idea of my focus and research direction. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/study-statement-2-0-continuous-revision/

୨୧ The initial brainstorm of my research paper. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/research-paper-brainstorm/

After a tutorial with Jonathan, I settled on a general angle for my research paper.

୨୧ First tutorial with Jonathan: https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/1st-tutorial-with-jonathan/

୨୧ First tutorial with Janet: https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/1st-tutorial-with-janet/

LO2 – Articulate a thorough understanding of your research and establish an informed critical position. (AC Communication)

After I decided to compare and analyze the works of Joseph Beuys and Henry Darger, I still didn’t find a clear direction. In the first draft, I wrote extensively about the two artists and was reminded by Janet to keep the word count and content under control. Then I finally decided to start from the point of “outsider artist”, but was hesitant to include Joseph Beuys as an “outsider artist”.

୨୧ About the definition of “outsider artist”. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/define-outsider-artartist/

After finishing the discussion on the definition of “outsider artist”, I felt that there was an important piece of evidence missing if we were to connect the artist’s personal experiences and feelings to the artistic creation. And when I felt it might be redundant, I stumbled upon Professor Tie’s research on Carnal Hermeneutics and felt that it could turn “a very vague take for granted” into “a very sure process of reasoning “.

୨୧ Research on Carnal Hermeneutics. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/research-on-carnal-hermeneutics/

My interest in clothing design is very much in the Japanese “yamikawai” style, which means “cute with mental/physical disease”. I’ve had a lot of debates on social media about the significance of disease and pathology in aesthetics. I always liked Georges Canguilhem’s view on pathology, so that’s when the topic of my research paper was decided.

୨୧ Some reading notes – Disease, abnormality and quarantine. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/some-reading-notes-disease-abnormality-and-quarantine/

That’s when I was quarantined…

୨୧ Records related to the time when I was quarantined because of covid-19. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/records-related-to-the-time-when-i-was-quarantined-because-of-covid-19/

The things I’ve been trying and learning gradually this year:

୨୧ Some visual experiments during Unit2. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/some-visual-experiments/

LO3 – Analyse and critically reflect on your practice and its context.(ACEnquiry)

୨୧ My Research Paper is available here: I fixed some phrases and formatting.  https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/rp/

୨୧ 2nd tutorial with Janet on formatting and spelling. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/2nd-tutorial-with-janet-waring/

Some thoughts that are not quite about the assessment, but just about my experience of being quarantined.

୨୧ Reflections on the governance of the epidemic – a political attachment https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/reflection-on-the-governance-of-the-epidemic-a-political-attachment/