I focus on children’s welfare, adolescent psychology, and social structures and value systems. I work in a library as a curator and have regular contact with children, young people and older people.

Children are both socially constructed and historically generated, as well as being physiologically specific.Researches have shown that changes in the way information is interacted with can directly affect the electrophysiology of the brain. “Image illiteracy in the information society” phenomenon demonstrates the decline in abstract comprehension, logical thinking and written expression as a result of receiving information through images and short videos over a long period of time.

The characteristics of big data is to use a more appropriate way to deliver information by internet streaming media, aka: more data volume and less information. And the result is a lower density of information.

“A new childhood culture characterized by visuals and images, characterized by leaps, uncritical and undeniable content. Adults degenerate back into childhood in an electronic world.” Adulthood and childhood in the age of images fade away together. Children become “pseudo-adult”, while adult actually regress into “adolescence”. And it’s not spring-like but a bog of thaw.

I focus on the complex and delicate relationship between the Capitalist ideology, the narrative of childhood, and the the logic of capital in which “children” are commodified in television commercials.“Childhood” is an artificial concept. When Adulthood and childhood in the age of images disappear together, how do we define “childhood” when consumption and bubbles persist?

More specifically in study statement “context” part. study statement link in LO1 ⬇️

Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Study Statement. (AC Enquiry)

୨୧ I have developed and described my independent learning plan in my study statement. This document continues to be revised and improved.

୨୧ Tutorials with Jonathan discussed digital aesthetics, the appeal and limitations of the virtual and digital.
“‘After technology replaces human thought, the boring becomes meaningful to us, and incoherence becomes reasonable.’……When the aesthetic response overtakes the cognitive response, it inevitably tends towards a permanent and widespread irrationality and anti-intellectualism. ……I think the appeal of digital is not the virtuality but the potential of digital. “

୨୧ Things I’ve recently read/seen and some related thoughts recorded.

୨୧ This is a blog I wrote around the middle term course about the transformation of music and images. I was exploring barrier-free art(conveying the same emotion and concept through different senses).

LO2 – Implement appropriate working methods for building an independent and effective self-organisation that enables the critical engagement with practice-based research. (AC Process)

I was initially debating two directions for the project, one being the redefinition of ‘childhood’ mentioned above, and the other being barrier-free art (conveying the same emotion and concept through different senses). In the discussion with Jonathan, we mentioned ‘what is the more common sense’. I initially compared sound to a more useful Braille. The reason for this is that sound can be a midi-electronic signal, and for non-tactile information beings (ai, and so on) sound is more comprehensible than touch. However I forgot about the hearing impact. The reality is that we still need to rely on the sense of touch for understanding.

Around this time I received a request to collaborate on the charity braille reading event, so I did my first side project on barrier-free art: kerf.

୨୧ side project 01: kerf : collaboration project with the library braille reading event

I then focused on research related to the redefinition of ‘childhood’, reading papers and books on communication, media and cognition,(bibliography is in study statement), turning my attention to the relationship between ‘childhood’ and ‘capital’ and ‘consumerism’, combining ‘the disappearance of childhood’ and ‘the disappearance of childhood’, and began to prepare for the major photography project.

At this point the inertia of the last side project led me to start another side project… I wanted to connect music with images. (The reason is in blog https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/generative-art/ )My first inspiration was a musical greeting card, so I made an acrylic foldout and tried to use letterlocking to link the printed image shell to the music.
Then it occurred to me that the CD case was actually the simplest form of letterlocking, and so here is the side project: untitled.

୨୧ side project 02: untitled : collaboration project with RBG music lab

Both side projects actually revolve around my focus on ‘childhood’. I have always wanted to do a long term project, it will be from the world I have been imagining since a long time ago, where the mechanisms of the world exist metaphorically.  I have recorded some relevant draft essays and small poems on my blog as inspiration. Tutorial with Jonathan mentioned Charles Dickens’s characters’ names and a better revising, which I’m currently struggling to do…

୨୧ some drafts writing about the ’world‘ (not yet revised,just some drafts)

I was inspired by the ‘practice passed research’ and blog approach that I came across in unit 1. Creating long-term projects in the form of ‘practice passed research’ is not only to improve the work, but also to expand the understanding of metaphor from different perspectives, to see the relationship between things. And the way to get closer to the ontology mechanism. 

୨୧ The final website for the main work. I made a separate website for the long-term practice based research project and tried to make the front page in the form of a draft, inspired by the blog.(you can drag the small pictures on the left)

୨୧ Work in process blog for the main work.

LO3 – Communicate a critical understanding of your developing practice. (AC Knowledge, AC Communication)

୨୧ I know a lot of artists who make derivatives of their work, or whose work itself is geared towards selling. I have worked as a curator in an art gallery.before so I always pay attention on that. My undergraduate course included commercial design and I have a big vision (or I take it for granted) that earning/selling is one of the goals to be a successful artist. Although I do not wanting to abandon this idea, I do find it hard to imagine work that isn’t influenced by this.

୨୧ I focus on visuals, symbols and personal style. I like Emma Pryde, Anna Bochkova, Silvia Noronha etc, I like the exhibition https://artviewer.org/hairy-earthtongue-weeping-toothcrust-fairy-rings-at-futura/. I like the combination of different materials and the special field domain created by the physical installation. I have not yet had the opportunity to experiment with different materials in my current work, but I hope to be exposed to similar opportunities in the near future.

୨୧ I don’t have enough time for research. Some of the content need to get more time to research. Also I am not good at writing, it takes me longer to revise, and it is harder to get some of the content and connections out very accurately.

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