The starting point of the work,Philip Hinge

Philip has been involved with several off-the-wall project spaces–currently he runs one in the basement of his childhood home and another at the top of his cat’s playtree.

I like the preface he wrote to the exhibition linked above. In cat, dog, one missing rabbit I wish I could use this short essay with a personal touch (not about me) that I wrote as the body of my work. The essay is about family relationships and social survival. I like Haruki Murakami’s description of the fictional work Air Chrysalis in 1Q84: describing a peculiar story in awkward and strange language, this is the goal of this short piece I’m writing.

As the main text floats in a locked virtual space that one opens with a Braille key and reads with the touch of a mouse.

tr: Philip的两个离墙画廊空间:儿时家里的地下室和猫爬架上方。

我喜欢他对于上面链接中展览写的序言,在cat,dog,one missing rabbit中我希望能用自己写的这篇私人感的(并不关于我的)短文作为作品主体。文章关于家庭关系与社会生存,我喜欢村上春树在《1Q84》中对于虚构作品《空气蛹》的描述:用拙劣奇怪的语言描述一个奇特的故事,这是这篇短文的写作目标。


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