2nd Tutorial with Janet

10.20 2022

I have no experience in writing research paper, and the 2nd draft I submitted did not meet the requirements, and the spelling was not proofread. Janet reminded me of these problems and introduced me some ways to proofread the spelling and grammar . But then I was quarantined because of covid-19, and the hotel signal was shielded, so I was only able to do basic proofreading, I think there are still a lot of problems. At the same time I may have misunderstood the requirements of Harvard format. I went on to revise some in the assessment research paper link.

In terms of the content of the paper, I think the arrangement and logic of the content could have been better. The relationship between Shamanic culture and the pursuit of disease in the last paragraph is probably the main focus of the paper, and could be written in more detail.


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