smell like a butterfly

rod-shaped feelers,

bean-shaped ends.

The tentative title of this project is smell like a butterfly, which uses the sense of touch (sound) to view images.

Music is made by arranging the sound of rain on different materials, using different pitches and melodies to create something that connects.

This project works like a Alchemist and attempts to use image streaming to produce something that precedes music – the sound of rain in the metaverse.

The video is simply the title of the work in Braille because I found it interesting.

The principle of Braille is to change vision into sensation, and the function is to connect different cognitive subjects. In this project the musical notes will be like Braille for the images, the MIDI digital control signal is Braille for the connection between human and computer, and the rain sound generated by the image stream is used to represent the appearance, quantity and volume of the images.

(Butterfly antennae have a well-developed sense of smell, which allows them to distinguish between smells, maintain their balance, smell and touch, and in some cases, hear. A butterfly’s eyes can see but not far, its nose can smell but only if it is very close, and its ears can hear but not well, so most flower scents can only be distinguished by its tentacles. (According to research, butterflies’ antennae can distinguish the scent of flowers from 1-2 km away.)

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