RGB music lab

RGB MusicLab converts RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) value of an image and surface points (X, Y, Z) of the 3D object to chromatic scale sounds. The program reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image. One pixel makes a harmony of three note of RGB value, and the length of note is determined by the brightness of the pixel. RGB value 120 or 121 is the middle C, and RGB value 122 or 123 is added a half steps of the scale that is C#. Pure black that is R=0, G=0, B=0 is no sounds.

It is not an impression of a painting or a photograph of a musical variation. It is not an arbitrary process. It composes a score from an image directly. The technique of music is called an algorithmic composition. Also this music and visual is a Multi-Media Art and sometimes refers to as Synesthesia.

RGB MusicLab将图像的RGB(红、绿、蓝)值和三维物体的表面点(X、Y、Z)转换为半音阶声音。该程序从图像的左上方到右下方读取像素的RGB值。一个像素组成一个RGB值的和声,音符的长度由像素的亮度决定。RGB值120或121是中间的C,而RGB值122或123是增加了半步的音阶,即C#。纯黑即R=0,G=0,B=0,是没有声音的。


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