Research Paper Brainstorm

Outsider Art as Purpose – From Jean Dubuffet to yamikawai 

The asexual body in art ; Religious art ; Children’s image ; Censorship mosaic ; Futurist works ; Disappearing Sex (Sex in Religion, Disappearance of Sex and Metaphor) ; Preface ; By sorting out and analyzing the asexual body in different categories of artworks ; Analyzing the use and expression in artworks from the perspective of ; The concept of sexuality ; -Asexuality ; Disappearing sex ; Sex forced to be hidden -Censorship -Culled out adolescents in puberty ; Religion -Sex as Sacrifice -Cleanliness and Sex -The Body of the Child-Prostitution

In terms of economics, sexuality is a rational choice in the context of genes, resources, costs, constraints, etc. We just analyze some theories in this to improve foresight and control.

The body without sex ; Cleanliness and Sexuality ; Sex and religion ; Sexuality as a sacrifice (abstinence) ; Sexual expression in art The body as a medium ; Paedophilia

Children and weapons ; The teenager who has cut out puberty

Consuming the Personal: Outsider Art through the Lens of Contemporary Art

“disease” art, outsider art, and serious art.

Then consider: Is the art produced by the excavation of one’s own experience or one’s own illness the outsider art that has the meaning of interpretation? And does disease change from a cause to a goal?

I am familiar of the performance art boom in China in the 20s, where many of the works expressed the existence of the ‘individual’ in an overly aggressive way. And the current Japanese art of illness, which distinguishes itself from others through ‘illness’.

In this context, the goal seems to be to reduce interpretation and increase intuition.

I like what Neil Postman says in “Technopoly”: “After technology replaces human thinking, boring things become full of meaning to us, and incoherence becomes reasonable”.

Does art that relies too much on “emotion” and “intuition” have a similar core? Some digital art simply adds a process of agency (auto-generated art is very consumerist).

When the aesthetic response overtakes the cognitive response, it inevitably tends toward a permanent and pervasive irrationality and anti-intellectualism. It certainly breaks down the hierarchy created by knowledge and brings in elements of democracy and equality, but through a downward levelling path.


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