Records Related to the Time When I was Quarantined Because of Covid-19

I was negative but have a close contact to positive patient, so I was centrally quarantined. I was quarantined in the mobile field hospital for 5 days and then moved to the hotel next to it at my own expense for 200 yuan per day because I couldn’t stand the environment in the hospital. 

There was no way to go home to get my clothes, I got a common cold halfway through (I thought I was covid positive for a while because of the orderly confusion), there was no way to get medication (no medication for covid positive patients either), and the doctor just advised us to drink more water. No one told me when I could go home, and I finally got an official response and was able to go home after an almost argumentative debate.

My friend’s door was equipped with a magnet entrance guard (installed on the door,alarms when opens the door, equivalent to surveillance) and was restricted from leaving the house, and finally remove it by insisted on calling the police for 2 days.

The magnet entrance guard is not currently supported by any legal documents, and some centralized quarantine is unjustified, but is still enforced. China’s epidemic prevention policy includes the phrase “you are responsible for your own health”, but in reality your legal rights are in the hands of others, and you only have the “rights” to be responsible for accidents happens on you.


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