Liz Magor


Her sculptures made from readymade and cast objects. Liz Magor is interested in the circular culture of production and consumption, how we assign value to things, the utilitarian and non-utilitarian functions of objects, and the emotional and psychological attachments we have to them. Her work explores the underlying qualities of ordinary things that influence our access to, use of, and disposition of them, and how sometimes the power these objects possess can even displace our interpersonal relationships.
For over forty years, Liz Magor’s practice has quietly dramatized the relationships that develop between objects. Using familiar materials from everyday life as her source material, she carefully pairs tender and exposed elements, often soft against hard, weak against strong, and handmade against mass-produced. Driven by the intimate contingent dynamics of power, desire and vulnerability, each artwork evokes a broad social history. The Canadian artist approaches found objects in the same way that an author collects story fragments, assembling them into a newly commissioned work that she describes as “a series of tiny, intense narratives”.


Liz Magor最出名的是用现成的和铸造的物体制作的雕塑,她对生产和消费的循环文化、我们如何为事物赋予价值、物体的功利性和非功利性功能以及我们对它们的情感和心理依恋感兴趣。她的作品探讨了影响我们获取、使用和处置它们的普通事物的潜在品质,以及有时这些物体所拥有的力量如何甚至可以取代我们的人际关系。
四十多年来,Liz Magor 的实践悄悄地戏剧化了对象之间发展的关系。她以日常生活中熟悉的材料为素材,将温柔与暴露的元素小心翼翼地配对,经常以软对硬、弱对强、手工对批量生产。每件艺术品受到权力、欲望和脆弱性的亲密偶然的动态的驱动,唤起了广泛的社会历史。这位加拿大艺术家以作者收集故事片段的方式处理发现的物品,将它们组合成一个新委托的作品,她将其描述为“一系列微小的强烈叙事”。


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