Jasper Spicero

Centinel, 2019


I love Jasper Spicero’s work, the sculptures enveloped in a gentle grey-blue colour, and the choice of hidden properties for objects (such as professionally designed furniture that can hide guns).

His work Centinel departs from a dead friend and is about addiction, recovery and family trauma. It features a footage of a handbell ensemble at Visions at Selis Manor, a centre for the blind in Manhattan, who perform using vibrating wristbands The technology is called Arbecy. Jerry Simon is the person who invented the technology, using modified mobile phones and wristbands, choir members receive vibrating signals indicating when to ring their bells –An automated bell choir that anyone can join.


The Uffizi Gallery in Florence makes artworks accessible to the visually impaired with relief versions of paintings; the belvedere museum in Vienna creates 3D stereoscopic versions of artworks; and the museum in Berlin offers touchable versions.

I chose to use music as Braille for images not to make it more visible to the visually impaired but to make an art that can be enjoyed by both parties.

tr:我很喜欢Jasper Spicero的作品,被笼罩在温柔的灰蓝色中的雕塑,以及对于物品隐藏属性的选择(比如可以隐藏枪支的专业设计家具)。作品中。他的作品Centinel出发于死去的朋友,关于成瘾、康复和家庭创伤。其中出现了在曼哈顿的盲人中心Visions at Selis Manor拍摄的的手铃合奏片段,他们使用根据乐谱编程的振动腕带进行表演。杰里-西蒙是发明这项技术的人,使用修改过的手机和腕带,合唱团成员会收到振动信号,指示何时敲响他们的钟声——一个任何人都可以加入的自动钟声合唱团。



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