Unit 2 Assessment

LO1 – Develop and realise a self-directed programme of learning which draws from wide-ranging subject knowledge. (AC Knowledge, AC Process)

୨୧  I updated my study statement and have a clearer idea of my focus and research direction. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/study-statement-2-0-continuous-revision/

୨୧ The initial brainstorm of my research paper. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/research-paper-brainstorm/

୨୧ First tutorial with Jonathan discussing the direction of the research paper. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/1st-tutorial-with-jonathan/

LO2 – Articulate a thorough understanding of your research and establish an informed critical position. (AC Communication)

୨୧ About the definition of outsider artist. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/define-outsider-artartist/

୨୧ Research on Carnal Hermeneutics. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/research-on-carnal-hermeneutics/

୨୧ Some reading notes – Disease, abnormality and quarantine. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/some-reading-notes-disease-abnormality-and-quarantine/

୨୧ Records related to the time when I was quarantined because of covid-19. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/records-related-to-the-time-when-i-was-quarantined-because-of-covid-19/

୨୧ Some visual experiments during Unit2. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/some-visual-experiments/

LO3 – Analyse and critically reflect on your practice and its context.(ACEnquiry)

୨୧ My Research Paper is available here: 

୨୧ A second tutorial with Janet on formatting and spelling. https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/2nd-tutorial-with-janet-waring/

୨୧ Reflections on the governance of the epidemic – a political attachment https://luoqiuhengtorus.gwm.app/reflection-on-the-governance-of-the-epidemic-a-political-attachment/