1st Tutorial with Jonathan

5.27 2022

I had a lot of ideas but wasn’t sure how they would turn into a research paper, and I didn’t sort out the connections between them.

In the tutorial, Jonathan helped me narrow it down to two artists, Josef Beuys and Henry Darger. He also gave some examples of papers and guided me to figure out the general structure of the paper.

I had seen Henry Darger’s work in high school and was struck by his non-exam-based approach to painting. (Admission to art schools in China requires studying a uniform style for the exam.) When I saw Josef Beuys’ exhibition at the museum afterwards, I was amazed at his use of elements, metaphors, and perceptions. These two artists have had a great influence on my expression of “ideal work”, but so far my work has been limited by logic and my skills. I hope that in the process of writing my research paper, I can further support my ideas through theoretical research. At the same time, I hope to learn new techniques to break out of the current dilemma.

Also talked about unit1 assessment

How to arrange the picture elements more delicately and light the picture. I used flash to create the hard light of the office for the current photos, but I was actually looking forward to the flat, soft, “monotone” lighting of advertising photography. I will continue to learn about lighting afterwards. Currently adding some equipment.

I chose bunny as a metapher to childhood but lack of location arrangement. And bunny’s appearance didn’t quite match the feeling I wanted to express. I did try to make the doll myself, but just didn’t feel like doing it well enough. Now that I think about it, I actually just want to make a doll that combines a variety of materials for a soft sculpture, and then photography is something that comes after it is made. My energy should be spent on the bunny first.


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