1st tutorial with Janet

6.27 2022

I started out with a topic that I wanted to write about the authenticity of outsider artist’s intuition. I wanted to analyze the relationship between overly emotionally guided works and the current messy works of ai.

In the tutorial I mentioned that:

I like what Neil Postman says in “Technopoly”: “After technology replaces human thinking, boring things become full of meaning to us, and incoherence becomes reasonable”.

Does art that relies too much on “emotion” and “intuition” have a similar core? Some digital art simply adds a process of agency (auto-generated art is very consumerist).

When the aesthetic response overtakes the cognitive response, it inevitably tends toward a permanent and pervasive irrationality and anti-intellectualism. It certainly breaks down the hierarchy created by knowledge and brings in elements of democracy and equality, but through a downward levelling path.

In addition to this I mentioned my admiration for Henry Darger and Joseph Beuys, and Janet pointed out that I should develop a scope of content and outline in detail to prevent writing in bits and pieces and exceeding the word count.

Start writing an outline for the research paper. Write while sorting out the outline.


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