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Discussed about the difference between collector and hoarder

The difference between the two in different languages was mentioned in class, and I mentioned in the group that there are two words related to hoarder in Japanese: “買い貯め癖” and “ゴミ屋敷住人”. The former partly refers to someone who buys what he sees, while the latter generally refers to someone who lives in a home stuffed with rubbish. I think a collector can be considered as someone who uses his collection effectively, in which case a hoarder is “wiser” and more spacious in terms of his ability to simply “collect”.

In my spare time I buy vintage clothes, most of which go on to become more and more expensive, and some of the items I buy by accident but don’t think are very good at the time, I find value in a few years and use that value to sell or display, which is the process of turning from hoarder to collector. One can be a hoarder and a collector at the same time.

I consider myself a digital hoarder. I have a hard drive with 300Gb of images, videos, text, etc. I like to collect all kinds of images, such as those I find on Taobao, ebay, Google images, etc. It’s like collecting stones on a rocky beach that you find beautiful, and you also have to find the beach. I think most people are virtual hoarders of things like memories, favourite smells, tastes, not to mention images and chats on their phones.

Also I mentioned collecting clothes, I have a Victorian woolen priest’s coat that is 150cm long so I can’t even wear it… And I have a black medical coat from the same period.



我认为自己是digital hoarder,我有一个存了300Gb图像、视频、文字等的硬盘,我喜欢收集各种图像,比如从淘宝、ebay、Google图像等途径找到的喜欢的图像,像是在石滩上收集自己觉得漂亮的石头。我认为大部分人都是虚拟的hoarder,比如记忆、喜欢的气味、味道、更不用说手机里的图像和聊天记录。


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